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United States Shipping Delays

US Delivery Delays, B12 Discounted

** UPDATE – As of February shipping times to the US are back to normal **

We are experiencing intermittent delivery delays with orders to the US. Most batches are delivering normally with our 2-4 weeks average but some are stalling for an extended period prior to arrival in the US. It appears the air freight shipping channel has been overwhelmed with cargo re-routed from traditionally ocean shipped goods. US ocean ports have become bottlenecked post Covid.

Although the root of the problem is ocean shipping please note we ship by air only. The overflow from ocean shipping into air freight is affecting our deliveries.

Covid-19 and Package Delivery

UPDATE, Sept 1st: Shipping times are approaching normal so we have reduced of delivery estimate to 4-6 weeks. USPS is reporting some delays due to covid 19.

There are no concerns regarding mailed items and virus spread. One possible exception to consider is handling by local delivery which warrants the same caution as items purchased at a local store.

During this period of uncertainty for air travel we have extended our shipping estimate from 2-5 weeks to 5-8 weeks. Once the situation settles we will revise. This estimate is noted in an alert at the top of our website and the shipping details when placing an order.

Vitamin B12 Injection Price Increases – Why?

Long term users of injectable B12 have experienced dramatic price increases. At times B12 has been hard to find due to shortages. People with conditions requiring B12 injections including pernicious anemia, gastric bypass, crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and many others have been dealing ever increasing prices because insurance companies are limiting coverage.

Why are injection B12 prices increasing in the US? Two theories have been suggested for the sky rocketing prices – increased popularity and restrictive federal regulation.

Vitamin B12 Injections for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is estimated to affect as much as 3% of the population.  A simple treatment of vitamin B12 injections along with folic acid supplements, even if it only helps a portion of those affected, would relieve much distress.

CFS, also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), is a little understood illness. It is diagnosed based on patients reports of symptoms – tiredness without cause or relief, headaches, muscle and joint pain, memory loss, loss of concentration. Many possible causes have been proposed, but the true mechanism of this illness is not understood.

Vitamin B12 Availability: 1000mcg & 2000mcg

[UPDATE] We have restocked 1000mcg and are still offering 2000mcg … win, win!

Thank-you to all our customers! B12 Direct is very busy making it more difficult to find and keep B12 in stock.  If you have ordered don’t worry – your order has shipped. We do not accept orders if we do not have stock on hand.

We are currently out of stock on the 1000mcg concentration of B12.  This is temporary, hopefully very temporary.  But we have a solution! We have added a new product: a higher concentrated B12, 2000mcg.  If you substitute this product you can use less (half as much) to get the same dosage. As always, check with your medical professional.

We understand some customers prefer the 1000mcg as it can be easier to measure in a syringe.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Review: Great service and a great price…

Another review – thanks “convinced customer”:

Great service and a great price but an even better product. Found this site when researching what is available to treat fibromyalgia. Don’t understand why B12 is the only thing that seems to kill a lot of the pain and stiffness but it sure is working.

A Convinced Customer

And after a lost shipment:

I did NOT know they had the package at the post office. I’ve never had to go pick up mail and I’m 63!! Anyway, it arrived safely and I’m getting injection this evening after dinner. Thank you so much and Bless you for the work you do to help people the way you do. I rely on B12 a LOT as I have an inoperable brain tumor and other health issues. The shots give me energy…or at least I believe in my head that they do!! :)

Have you purchased B12 from us? We would appreciate your feedback.  You can email us, post a comment on a blog post, or review our B12.

As always, for medical problems consult a doctor.

Windsor Star Drug Shortages

Windsor Star reports on drug shortages

Posted June 17th in The Windsor Star‘s healthcare section:

Kaye Brown says she constantly fights fatigue because she hasn’t had her prescribed injections of iron or vitamin B12 since January.

She’s not the only one having trouble getting medicine. A rotating drug shortage has become routine in Ontario, meaning hospitals, pharmacies and patients often scramble when certain medications go through bouts of short supply.

“I feel frustrated,” said Brown, who lives in a long-term care home in Windsor. “I feel like the present government doesn’t care about us seniors in homes or out in the community. We’re not important enough.”

Brown has been told that the drugs she needs are on back order, so she has been taking B12 in pill form everyday — which she says is not as effective or as convenient as a once-a-month shot.

“The injection would give me more strength and I would be able to do more things,” said the 61-year-old widower who has fibromyalgia and arthritis and uses a wheelchair. “I don’t have enough energy to do what I would like to do. I could fall asleep just after breakfast.”

read the article at The Windsor Star

1000mcg Vitamin B12 In Stock, 2000mcg Out Of Stock

Our stock of 2000mcg concentration vitamin B12 has run out.  We are expecting to get more in at the end of the month.  But not to worry, our inventory of 1000mcg concentration vitamin B12 is healthy and ready to ship.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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Review: I used to take vitamin B12 injectables years ago…

I used to take vitamin B12 injectables years ago in collage and all in all never noticed a tremendous benefit. The last few years I noticed that my energy levels were increasingly lower. For the longest time I knocked it down to stress and aging as my routine blood work didn’t show anything untoward. 

When I was quite young I was borderline anemic (iron deficient) for awhile but since beginning a rigorous exercise protocol and changing my diet which has endured to this day the problem disappeared. I quit taking multi vitamins a number of years ago as they seemed to impeding my digestive process and causing some stress to my gastro intestinal tract. My sense is that this has to do with some of the binders they use in multi vitamins as I did feel better once I stopped taking them.

Out of curiosity I decided to give injectable B12 another shot (pardon the pun) as the injections go right into the bloodstream when I came across the online marketer I didn’t really expect miracles but I have definitely noticed a boost in my overall sense of well being. My athletic performance has picked up as well and I think this has to do with the b12 having a positive effect on my appetite. I seem to have a better nitrogen balance in my body and I get a much better pump when I lift weights. I swear its increased my testosterone as well but this could be a spin off of the increased metabolic health which would naturally lead to a more balanced endocrine system. Whatever the case I’m staying with my current subcutaneous injection protocol of .5 cc 2000 MCG every second day for the next while. BTW, the service you guys offer on the site is great!

Sebastian in Culver City CA


Painless Subcutaneous Injection for B12, Try It!

It’s a little known fact that vitamin B12 can be administered painlessly and with effect in individuals with a body fat index under 25 by subcutaneous injection using a standard 1CC 29 Gauge Insulin Syringe. Please note that individuals who have a high body fat index (over 25, 30 being clinically obese, may compromise absorption and run the risk of causing inflammation in the fatty tissue) should not opt for this method of administration and should instead stick with the standard intramuscular protocol.

The safe injection protocol for this method of administration is exactly the same as with intramuscular injections except that instead of injecting straight into the muscle you pinch a fold of skin between the thumb and forefinger and inject directly into the fold at a horizontal angle. It is very likely that unlike the standard intramuscular injection you may save yourself a sore (deltoid) shoulder muscle, or quadriceps (large front muscle of the leg).

For the daily user of vitamin B12 painless injections with a fine 29 Gauge syringe may be more practicable than a 23-24 Gauge intramuscular “harpoon”. After all, this is about feeling great so why make yourself a human pin cushion if you don’t have to. If you’ve tried this method of administration we’d like to hear your comments and opinions….

Please note that this posting reflects the personal opinions of the writer only and that any information contained herein is not medical advice. All decisions regarding the taking and administration of injectable substances should be done in consultation with one’s physician.

Detailed information between (SC) and (IM) injection protocols

More information on BMI (body fat index), obesity and risks to health

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