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Leave A Review For Free Shipping

Reviews are a big reason we are as successful as we are – THANK YOU! New customers coming across our store use them to to learn more about our products and services, and to decide whether they can trust us. To thank you for taking the time to leave reviews we have a promotion that gives free shipping or a free vial of B12. The promotion is limited to customers who are returning and to orders over $55 in vitamins.

How to unlock Free Shipping

Our website has a free shipping help page, but here is the quick instructions:

  1. Be a returning customer! – this will only work if you have ordered from us in the past AND are using the same email address to place this order
  2. Visit one of our product pages of a vitamin you ordered in the past
  3. Look for the reviews on the page, in a section titled “REVIEWS”
  4. Find the form to add add a review of your own
  5. Choose some items to purchase, then “proceed to checkout”
  6. When you are ready to check out look for a “Thank You” message above where you enter your shipping address 
  7. Click on either “free shipping” or “free vial of B12” – this will apply the promotion

Problems with Free Shipping

We want you to get free shipping and to keep coming back to our store, so if you have a problem with the promotion please let us know! 

  • Most problem can be solved with our free shipping help page
  • If you are sure you qualified but don’t think it worked – complete the order and add a note on the checkout page or send us an email…we can fix it 
  • If you are not a returning customer – sorry but you can’t leave a review since you are not familiar with our products! Don’t worry though, you can still unlock a free vial of b12.

Questions About Free Shipping

If you have any questions about our free shipping promotion or about our products or services don’t hesitate to ask. You can reach us through our contact page.

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