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Reviews are a big reason we are as successful as we are – THANK YOU! New customers coming across our store use them to to learn more about our products and services, and to decide whether they can trust us. To thank you for taking the time to leave reviews we have a promotion that gives free shipping or a free vial of B12. The promotion is limited to customers who are returning and to orders over $55 in vitamins.

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New Expedited Shipping…6 Business Days!

Introducing our new expedited shipping option! Say goodbye to waiting weeks for your vitamins to arrive. With our expedited 6 day shipping option via courier, you can receive your vitamins in a fraction of the time. For only $35, your vitamins will be delivered straight to your doorstep, straight away!

Our regular shipping option is still only $10. Deliveries average 2-3 weeks but can sometimes take longer.

Please note that due to certain zip codes being harder to reach, the expedited shipping option may cost $55 instead of the standard $35 – the cost will be calculated during checkout.

We’re committed to ensuring you receive your vitamins in a timely manner while also offering affordable options. With this new shipping option, you can have peace of mind knowing your supplements will be in your hands in no time. Try it out today!

To choose expedited look for the shipping options during checkout.

Temporary Shipping Policy Change UPDATED

UPDATE, June 12th – Thanks to everyone for your support! Shipping has returned to normal and all delayed orders shipped. Minimum order has been dropped to $25.

UPDATE, May 23rd – So far so good on the shipping of existing orders. We are honoring all existing orders. Going forward for the time being we have to increase our minimum order size to $47.25. This is 5 vials of 1000mcg or 3 vials of 2000mcg B12. Hopefully a temporary measure, sorry to pass on this hardship … we are balancing providing B12 to our smaller (but good!) customers and keeping our best in class low prices. Read this entire message for more details…

Original Status Update:

Our prices are unchanged, but we are not able to accept smaller orders for the time being. More details lower in this post, but the short take is we have to temporarily raise our minimum order size to $100. We are very sorry about this situation and are doing our best to find a solution.

Our regular courier has restricted the shipping of liquids and our alternate shipping methods are more costly with minimum charges. We are looking for other solutions and will update here when we know more. 

The cause of this trouble? It is a bit out there… The change in policy is a response to a serious crime which is believed to have involved ordering liquid poison through the mail. A person has been arrested who is alleged to have poisoned multiple acquaintances food. This has nothing to do with with our products, product tampering or product safety. If you want to learn more search “poison thailand” as it is big news locally.

We expect the restriction will be temporary. 

Again our apologies. We will post here with news as we work through this problem.

New Product – Vitamin C 100ml

We are excited to begin offering vitamin C in a new format – 100ml vials. A great option for those that prefer these multi-use stopper vials over single dose ampoules. The vitamin C itself is the same formula, 250mg/ml. This format allows a better value – $85 plus our flat rate shipping. Additional vials are $75.

We plan to continue offering boxes of 2ml amps, available for those that prefer the single dose format. Both are available now in our store.

Vitamin C: Seeking Balance

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an essential nutrient that plays a vital role in maintaining good health. It is required for the proper functioning of cells, and is particularly important for the production of collagen, which is needed for the maintenance of healthy skin, bones, and blood vessels. Also vitamin C has been shown to have antioxidant properties and is believed to play a role in preventing age-related degeneration and supporting the management of certain disease states. (1,2) 

While the importance of vitamin C is well known, less is understood about how the body regulates its levels. This process, known as homeostasis, is crucial for ensuring that the body maintains optimal levels of vitamin C to support good health. (3) Imbalances in vitamin C levels can have negative implications for health. Understanding how homeostasis works can help individuals make more informed decisions about taking vitamin C supplements. (3)

B12 1000mcg, 2000mcg

Short Dated B12 On Sale

We love providing options and discounts! Both our 1000mcg B12 and 2000mcg B12 have a limited supply of short dated stock which we have on sale. Around a year of shelf life left so definitely still safe. Our newest stock is also available so you can mix and match and get set up for your next few years.

Vitamin B12 Direct Fighting Inflation

We are pleased to announce that while rising costs are affecting virtually everything else you buy, there will be no vitamin inflation in 2022 at Vitamin B12 Direct.

True, we’ve seen our post covid-19 international postage rates to certain destinations like the US double and wholesale prices from our vendors rise year over year, yet we will hold the line on not passing vitamin b12 inflation on to you our valued customers. We understand that the world economy is rebounding from an unprecedented slow down and that supply chain management issues are affecting material costs all the way down the line but we feel a duty to resist the tide and will instead ride this out with our community of customers. As the old saying goes, this too shall pass.

I’ll note here before going forward that we have amended the free shipping promo to a free vial of vitamins. While we know free shipping was popular, the free vial actually works out to offer a more significant cost savings on the customer end and we think saving you more money is a priority as we do our best to keep costs in line.

United States Shipping Delays

US Delivery Delays, B12 Discounted

** UPDATE – As of February shipping times to the US are back to normal **

We are experiencing intermittent delivery delays with orders to the US. Most batches are delivering normally with our 2-4 weeks average but some are stalling for an extended period prior to arrival in the US. It appears the air freight shipping channel has been overwhelmed with cargo re-routed from traditionally ocean shipped goods. US ocean ports have become bottlenecked post Covid.

Although the root of the problem is ocean shipping please note we ship by air only. The overflow from ocean shipping into air freight is affecting our deliveries.

Covid-19 and Package Delivery

UPDATE, Sept 1st: Shipping times are approaching normal so we have reduced of delivery estimate to 4-6 weeks. USPS is reporting some delays due to covid 19.

There are no concerns regarding mailed items and virus spread. One possible exception to consider is handling by local delivery which warrants the same caution as items purchased at a local store.

During this period of uncertainty for air travel we have extended our shipping estimate from 2-5 weeks to 5-8 weeks. Once the situation settles we will revise. This estimate is noted in an alert at the top of our website and the shipping details when placing an order.

Injection B12 Prices in USA

Vitamin B12 Injection Prices in the USA

Back in 2016 we wrote an article discussing injection B12 prices in the United States – Vitamin B12 Injection Price Increases – Why? Today, almost 4 years later, not much has changed…

In 2016 we checked seven mainstream pharmacies and found B12 prices ranging from $80 to $159 for 10ml of 1000mcg cyanocobalamin. These were the cash prices for uninsured customers and did not include any dispensing fees or taxes. Compare these to our price, then $9.75. For US residents the difference is obviously alarming.

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