Vitamin C Injections A Preliminary Overview and Discussion

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) injections trend from time to time, usually tied to the latest diet, skin care or health craze. Generally speaking a well balanced diet rich in citrus fruits will provide the average person more than enough vitamin C for optimal health. There may be circumstances where a person may wish to elevate their intake of vitamin C over the level possible through normal dietary intake. Supplementary vitamin C can be taken by sublingual administration such as encapsulated vitamins or in rarer circumstances vitamin C injections.

Let’s begin by discussing a few fundamental facts about vitamin C and vitamin C injections

Fact #1 The human body does not produce vitamin C naturally. The long and the short of it is that vitamin C must be taken from an outside source through food or supplementation. (1)

Fact #2 Vitamin C injections are only useful if there is an underlying absorption issue (individual’s with severe intestinal malabsorption or cachexia may fall into this category) or extremely high (supranatural) blood serum concentrations of vitamin C are the objective. We’ll note here that oral administration of vitamin C can produce a maximum of 220 micro ml/L. IV administration of injectable vitamin C preparations can achieve blood plasma concentrations as high as 26,000 micro ml/L. (2)

The normal reference range for vitamin C is widely regarded as being between 23-57 micro ml/L. As we can see there is a huge spread between what the “normal” blood serum range for vitamin C is and the levels that are achievable through oral and injectable (IV) vitamin C supplements. When looking at the wide spread in the levels achievable through dietary intake and those attainable through supplementation, the debate on the efficacy of vitamin C supplementation and particularly the injectable IV form makes sense. (3)

Why extreme suplementation?

For many the incentive to achieve extremely high blood serum levels of vitamin C is motivated by the desire to increase collagen production and or alter skin pigmentation. The latter is a discernible usage trend particularly in parts of Asia. While vitamin C is indeed required for collagen formation there are as of yet no clinical trials which support the claim that these preparations geared towards achieving supranatural concentrations have a definable clinical dermatological usefulness. The market on the other hand speaks otherwise with board certified plastic surgeon’s making claims that vitamin C injection preparations may reduce wound healing after cosmetic procedures by up to a third due to vitamin C’s collagen producing powers. We look forward to seeing further research come out on this usage. The market has been ahead of the accepted science before, whether this is the case here remains to be seen but we remain optimistic. (reduce scarring? sources for 1/3)

The real debate around the clinical usefulness of vitamin C injectable preparations has focused on whether high concentrations of vitamin C may have a practical application as a pro-oxidant capable of selectively targeting certain cancer cells through the generation of hydrogen peroxide. The National Institute of Health now recognizes that there is a distinct possibility that vitamin C blood serum concentrations of 26,000 micro mol/L may be selectively toxic to some cancer cells. In light of these findings the mainstream medical establishment is now open to exploring how vitamin C injection IV preparations may have an application in oncological support in the treatment of some cancers. As we’ve brought the issue up we should note here that there is also the possibility that the use of vitamin C IV injection preparations could also inhibit treatment in certain contexts and as such one should only explore their usefulness with and under the guidance of a licensed specialist.

What’s particularly interesting about the medical establishment’s acknowledgement of the potential value of this application is that for decades it was vehemently denied that high dose vitamin C could be useful in treating serious disease states. Latterly it was realised that studies debunking claims of Vitamin C’s potential usefulness had not used injectable IV preparation’s and as such had not explored vitamin C’s potential at the higher end of the spectrum. Quite obviously mentioning a supplement in the context of serious diseases such as cancer is a very sensitive issue. We don’t advocate it’s use here one way or the other. The point is that in the debate around vitamin supplementation and particularly where injectable vitamins such as injectable vitamin C are concerned, the thinking is continuously evolving. We the health care consumer must stay abreast of the current research and where reasonable question existing paradigms and modalities based on the totality of the information available to us.





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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is estimated to affect as much as 3% of the population.  A simple treatment of vitamin B12 injections along with folic acid supplements, even if it only helps a portion of those affected, would relieve much distress.

CFS, also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), is a little understood illness. It is diagnosed based on patients reports of symptoms – tiredness without cause or relief, headaches, muscle and joint pain, memory loss, loss of concentration. Many possible causes have been proposed, but the true mechanism of this illness is not understood. Read more

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Like vitamin B12, all the B vitamins play key roles in the healthy operation of our nervous systems and the production of energy.  Vitamin B12 gets most of the attention because of it’s higher rates of deficiency, but the other B vitamins are equally important.

B-100 Complex is intended as a complement vitamin B12 injections. Talk to your health care proferssionals about B complex vitamins before supplementing.


Our B Complex

vitamin B1 Thiamine (100mg) Thiamine plays a central role in the generation of energy from carbohydrates and is involved in RNA and DNA production, as well as nerve function.

vitamin B2 riboflavin (0.5mg) Riboflavin is involved in the energy production as well as the metabolic breakdown of fatty acids

vitamin B3 nicotinamide (100mg) Nicotinamide plays an important role in the metabolism of glucose, fat and alcohol.

vitamin B6 pyridoxine (1mg) Pyridoxine is closely tied to the function and formation of the nervous system and nerve cells. - vitamin b12 information website

Educating yourself about vitamin B12 deficiency can be hard work.  You need to be able to understand your health professionals. Thankfully Tracey, a self described “patient with B12 deficiency,” has collected and organized a huge collection of vitamin B12 deficiency links and information. As always you will want to consume internet research with a critical eye … confirm with your doctor and look for references!

This site was created as a hub to bring all the key websites on vitamin B12 deficiency together in one place.

Once in a while life throws something our way which is completely impossible to ignore. I was diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency in 2012 and the profound lack of knowledge of this condition inspired me to join others in raising awareness of this very common but little known life threatening deficiency. Please head straight for the Life Savers page for direct links to support groups and key sites.

Hello, you may have just been diagnosed with B12 deficiency or you may have had this condition for a while. Sometimes our doctors do not tell us all we need to understand, so please use this page as your ‘crash course’ in B12 deficiency.


vitamin b12 deficiency

Getting your daily recommended dose of vitamins isn’t always easy, but this can be especially true when it comes to vitamin b12. Vitamin b12 (also called cobalamin or in it’s different forms cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin and hydroxocobalamin) plays a key role in the overall function of the brain, nervous system, and even the formation of blood within the body. Even so, many people aren’t getting the daily dosage of this vitamin that the body needs.

Importance of Vitamin b12

Because vitamin b12 plays such a huge role in the nervous system, brain function, and blood production, there are many ways in which a b12 deficiency can impact the body. Specifically, those who aren’t getting enough vitamin b12 often find that they suffer from ongoing symptoms such as:

  • tingling in the hands, legs, and feet
  • general, unexplained fatigue
  • memory loss and other cognitive difficulty
  • paranoia and hallucinations

Unfortunately, because many of these symptoms can be attributed to other medical conditions it can be very difficult to diagnose a vitamin b12 deficiency without specifically testing for b12 levels within the body.

Decreased b12 Absorption With Age

Anybody can be vitamin b12 deficient, but it’s more common among the elderly. That’s because, as people age, the body’s natural ability to absorb this vitamin from food decreases significantly. Furthermore, older people tend to eat fewer foods that are rich in vitamin b12 as they age, which only contributes to the problem.

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