Temporary Shipping Policy Change UPDATED

UPDATE, June 12th – Thanks to everyone for your support! Shipping has returned to normal and all delayed orders shipped. Minimum order has been dropped to $25.

UPDATE, May 23rd – So far so good on the shipping of existing orders. We are honoring all existing orders. Going forward for the time being we have to increase our minimum order size to $47.25. This is 5 vials of 1000mcg or 3 vials of 2000mcg B12. Hopefully a temporary measure, sorry to pass on this hardship … we are balancing providing B12 to our smaller (but good!) customers and keeping our best in class low prices. Read this entire message for more details…

Original Status Update:

Our prices are unchanged, but we are not able to accept smaller orders for the time being. More details lower in this post, but the short take is we have to temporarily raise our minimum order size to $100. We are very sorry about this situation and are doing our best to find a solution.

Our regular courier has restricted the shipping of liquids and our alternate shipping methods are more costly with minimum charges. We are looking for other solutions and will update here when we know more. 

The cause of this trouble? It is a bit out there… The change in policy is a response to a serious crime which is believed to have involved ordering liquid poison through the mail. A person has been arrested who is alleged to have poisoned multiple acquaintances food. This has nothing to do with with our products, product tampering or product safety. If you want to learn more search “poison thailand” as it is big news locally.

We expect the restriction will be temporary. 

Again our apologies. We will post here with news as we work through this problem.


  1. I order B-12 injections and have been taking them everyday and also my husband has too. B-12 injection has been helping me and my husband feel alot better alert and more energy thur the day. We are a older couple in our 78 and 76 yrs old and the injections has really help us. Thank You, B-12 Direct

  2. No worries, and yes like we said, you are a light in a really dark world. Incredible! We are stocked now, we order and give it leeway, and our orders will always be over $100 as we order for a couple months. Your customer service is excellent and we appreciate you… we feel so good! Thank you, James

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