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Medical Disclaimer

The information contained in this website is for general interest and information purposes only and is in no way meant to be used to diagnose or prescribe medication or supplementation to treat any illness or symptom of illness. Treatment of illnesses and symptoms mentioned in this website should be in consultation with a physician. The use, administration, and discontinuation of use of vitamin supplements discussed or sold on this website should be under the guidance of a treating physician.

Delivery and Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee delivery.  All our orders ship with tracking for your assurance and convenience. If it doesn’t arrive or has issues in customs we will resend or refund, you choose. If tracking reflects a correct delivery we cannot refund or reship but will assist completely in any investigation.

Shipping Time Standards

Shipping times for the services listed are approximate and not guaranteed. Delays on the part of shipping companies and mail services are not covered under the refund policy.

Website Reviews Policy

All product reviews on our website have been submitted by customers. We have a promotion that allows past customers to leave a review in exchange for free shipping – these reviews are marked “verified owner”.

We include negative comments and will usually reply to clarify any address any concerns.

Reviews are held for moderation and may not be included or may be edited for the following reasons:

  • spam, self promotional, unrelated, inappropriate
  • sexist, rude, disrespectful
  • contains assertions that might mislead other visitors about the use of our products (ie “B12 cures all disease”)
  • minor edits for grammar
  • remove specific personal identifying information (ie email address)


There are no taxes collected on the sale of products through this website. It is the responsibility of you our valued customers to settle all tax liabilities that may result from the order of our products into your particular country.

Cancellation Policy

Orders can be cancelled prior to shipping. Contact us ASAP!

Refunds and Returns

We will gladly refund if you are not satisfied, excepting shipping costs. Contact us within 2 weeks of delivery for instructions. We require only that you let us know what was wrong and return all unused product and packaging.

Product Reships

Resending of replacement product under our customer satisfaction guarantee because of problems with a product seizure at customs will only be done if an alternate address is given from the address which resulted in the initial seizure.


Compliance with the laws surrounding the importation of the products advertised on this website to your country of residence are your responsibility. It is advised that you check with your local governments customs office to ensure that ordering the products in the volumes advertised comply with your regions legislation.


At present we offer our products for sale for the personal use of our customers and not for commercial use to wholesale or retail customers.