B12 1000mcg, 2000mcg

Short Dated B12 On Sale

We love providing options and discounts! Both our 1000mcg B12 and 2000mcg B12 have a limited supply of short dated stock which we have on sale. Around a year of shelf life left so definitely still safe. Our newest stock is also available so you can mix and match and get set up for your next few years.


  1. Ever time I order are consistent and reliable. I will continue to order as long as needed.

  2. I have been using B12 injections 2 to 3 times a week, for a few years now. Very helpful for me since my system does not absorb the vitamin through digestion

  3. I have been purchasing B12 for energy and relief of pain for couple of years. I also buy Vitamin C to boost up my immune system and haven’t gotten a cold in a long time. Greatful to have the opportunity to buy from this company. Thank you!

  4. I’ve been using B12Direct for a couple of years always quality products it works great for more energy and relieves some of the pain of my arthritis

  5. I have been using the B12 and B Complex
    injectable vitamins for 4 years and have, more energy, less pain from osteoarthritis and help with weight loss.

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