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Reviews are a big reason we are as successful as we are – THANK YOU! New customers coming across our store use them to to learn more about our products and services, and to decide whether they can trust us. To thank you for taking the time to leave reviews we have a promotion that gives free shipping or a free vial of B12. The promotion is limited to customers who are returning and to orders over $55 in vitamins.

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Vitamin B12 Direct has a free shipping promotion that is easy and we wish everyone would participate in. We have some simple ways you can support us, and to thank you we offer the choice of free shipping or a free vial of B12. Your support is key and makes the promotion possible.

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Review: Great service and a great price…

Another review – thanks “convinced customer”:

Great service and a great price but an even better product. Found this site when researching what is available to treat fibromyalgia. Don’t understand why B12 is the only thing that seems to kill a lot of the pain and stiffness but it sure is working.

A Convinced Customer

And after a lost shipment:

I did NOT know they had the package at the post office. I’ve never had to go pick up mail and I’m 63!! Anyway, it arrived safely and I’m getting injection this evening after dinner. Thank you so much and Bless you for the work you do to help people the way you do. I rely on B12 a LOT as I have an inoperable brain tumor and other health issues. The shots give me energy…or at least I believe in my head that they do!! :)

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Review: I used to take vitamin B12 injectables years ago…

I used to take vitamin B12 injectables years ago in collage and all in all never noticed a tremendous benefit. The last few years I noticed that my energy levels were increasingly lower. For the longest time I knocked it down to stress and aging as my routine blood work didn’t show anything untoward. 

When I was quite young I was borderline anemic (iron deficient) for awhile but since beginning a rigorous exercise protocol and changing my diet which has endured to this day the problem disappeared. I quit taking multi vitamins a number of years ago as they seemed to impeding my digestive process and causing some stress to my gastro intestinal tract. My sense is that this has to do with some of the binders they use in multi vitamins as I did feel better once I stopped taking them.

Out of curiosity I decided to give injectable B12 another shot (pardon the pun) as the injections go right into the bloodstream when I came across the online marketer I didn’t really expect miracles but I have definitely noticed a boost in my overall sense of well being. My athletic performance has picked up as well and I think this has to do with the b12 having a positive effect on my appetite. I seem to have a better nitrogen balance in my body and I get a much better pump when I lift weights. I swear its increased my testosterone as well but this could be a spin off of the increased metabolic health which would naturally lead to a more balanced endocrine system. Whatever the case I’m staying with my current subcutaneous injection protocol of .5 cc 2000 MCG every second day for the next while. BTW, the service you guys offer on the site is great!

Sebastian in Culver City CA


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