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Returning Customers – Write a Review for Free Shipping

Vitamin B12 Direct has a free shipping promotion that is easy and we wish everyone would participate in. We have some simple ways you can support us, and to thank you we offer the choice of free shipping or a free vial of B12. Your support is key and makes the promotion possible.

The support options are different for new customers and returning customers, so keep reading…

New Customers – Show Social Support

Users of Facebook and Twitter can show us social support by using the social media buttons at the top of our checkout page. Look for the large blue box titled ‘Looking for free shipping’ when entering your address. Support us with a Like or Follow, then choose a free vial of B12 or free shipping.

Full Free Shipping Social Promotion Details

Note: You can only use this once to participate, but don’t worry because on your returning visits you can leave reviews…


Returning Customers – Leave a Review

For returning customers you can leave a review based on your previous experience. New reviews help visitors decide to give us a try.

  1. Go to the webpage of a product you have purchased from us
  2. Leave a review using the same email address you used when last ordered (click on ‘reviews’, email addresses are not published)
  3. Add any items you would like to purchase to your shopping cart
  4. In checkout look for the “You supported us in social media…Thank You!” message
  5. Choose ‘free-shipping-social’ or one of the other gifts

Here are some of our products to get you started…scroll to the bottom of the page:  review 1000mcg B12, review 2000mcg B12, review B Complex

Full Free Shipping Social Promotion Details


Trouble Getting Free Shipping?

If you should qualify for free shipping but it doesn’t seem to be working please let us know. First visit the Free Shipping Social page which has some troubleshooting help. If that doesn’t help send us an email using the form after the troubleshooting which includes information about your promotion status.

If you aren’t a social media user, we understand.  Our shipping is very reasonable – $10 flat rate, world wide. On repeat orders you can leave a review to qualify.


  1. I have been enjoying much the B12 that helps with my energy levels and enjoying Vitamin C on keeping my immune system away from colds. This is about the 3rd or 4th time I order from this company. Thank you !

  2. Good quality product, shipping was ok, not that fast not that late. Shipment was neatly packed. Good quality b-12.

  3. The customer service was great for me. my order was missing 1 vial and within 1 day of my email they were sending out the replacement vial. This is the main reason for my return to them to purchase more B12. Great work guys, thank you!

  4. I have been buying B12 from VitaminB12Direct for many years. The pharmacy here decided they could only sell me enough for 1 injection at a time. I found this site and have been buying ever since.No issues and pretty fast delivery.

  5. I have pernicious anemia, and my insurance only allows one b 12 shot a month. I found this source to supplement much needed b12. If it were not for this source I would be screaming in pain 3 weeks of every month. I had chemo years ago and every since I have been anemic. Thank you b12 direct for being here.

  6. I’ve been using this site for quite a while now as the local pharmacies say there;s a
    “shortage” of B12 in the US. The wait for B12 dispensed in tiny 1M vials, then
    broken up to satisfy a 30 day supply not only annoying but cost inefficient. Used to
    be dispensed in 30 M (very efficient delivery system) for size of BDs 27G x 1/2 needle.
    Different states restrict renewal of needles e.g., NYS no refills at all. B-Direct is the
    easiest online site to fill your RX for B12. Also, tried the B100 2X & was pleasantly surprised.
    Will order more as a good combo for a heavily stressed life in the US NorthEast, NY-NJ!

  7. Great company, nice people!

  8. I have used this site on more than one occassion over the past few years to order my b12 injections. Great price and great product. I will be trying the b complex with this order.

  9. Firm believer on the benefits of B12 and BComplex vitamins. I went on line and by pure luck or…God-incidence? I found B-12 direct and ordered thinking; this is too good to be true!!! I called, spoke to the nicest representative and received my BComplex order. Proceeded to order just the B12 to complement the B-100 Complex. Parents MD and Nurse Practitioner believed and instilled in me the benefits of TheBs… and they were correct-I’m a believer in the many benefits of what they called TheBs🐝!!! And the professionalism all around of B12Direct-Thank you!!!

  10. My husband and I have been using this B12 product for over a year and have been very happy with the product and support we get from this website.

    1. My husband and i have been using vitamin b12 for awhile now thru this website which is very easy to use and understand. We both like it we had a problem once and we called and they answered all our questions and took care of our problem. The b12 is a great product its life saving and as long as b12 direct is around we will be using it were not going anywhere we will be returning customers forever great everything thanks Denise

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