Social Sharing For Free Shipping

Social Sharing For Free Shipping

UPDATE: Read about new and improved FREE SHIPPING SOCIAL

First we want to thank all our customers for helping VitaminB12Direct start shipping B12 around the world.  It’s been a great experience.

To help us reach even more people we have introduced FREE SHIPPING as a thank you for social sharing.  Use the social sharing buttons during checkout to receive free shipping on orders of 5 vials or more of vitamin B12.  All you need to do is Like, Plus+, or Follow our website.  It’s easy.

If you aren’t a social media user, we understand.  Our shipping is very reasonable – $10 flat rate, world wide. And watch your email for regular offers which we will continue to send out to loyal customers.


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  1. I have been buying my vitamin B from Vitamin B12 Direct for the last few years now. This is by far the easiest way for me to get my injectables. I tried a couple other places for my B12 before coming to B12 direct, but nobody can compete with their prices, nobody, the product is fantastic, plus every 10th vial you order is free! Also, I have had several people asked me where I get my injectables at, so I tell them Vitamin B12! Thank you for providing a great product at a fantastic price!

    Stephanie S
    Hodgenville, KY
    United States

  2. I have used this company twice now and have been happy with the service to the uk. I shall be re-ordering my vit-b again very shortly. Many thanks. Ms Alexander.

  3. Trying to connect with Google for free shipping, however, I keep getting this message: Error: redirect_uri_mismatch

    1. Sorry it is not working smoothly for you, and thanks for contacting us. I will look into this immediately and contact you back by email.

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