Review: Great service and a great price…

Another review – thanks “convinced customer”:

Great service and a great price but an even better product. Found this site when researching what is available to treat fibromyalgia. Don’t understand why B12 is the only thing that seems to kill a lot of the pain and stiffness but it sure is working.

A Convinced Customer

And after a lost shipment:

I did NOT know they had the package at the post office. I’ve never had to go pick up mail and I’m 63!! Anyway, it arrived safely and I’m getting injection this evening after dinner. Thank you so much and Bless you for the work you do to help people the way you do. I rely on B12 a LOT as I have an inoperable brain tumor and other health issues. The shots give me energy…or at least I believe in my head that they do!! :)

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