United States Shipping Delays

US Delivery Delays, B12 Discounted

** UPDATE – As of February shipping times to the US are back to normal **

We are experiencing intermittent delivery delays with orders to the US. Most batches are delivering normally with our 2-4 weeks average but some are stalling for an extended period prior to arrival in the US. It appears the air freight shipping channel has been overwhelmed with cargo re-routed from traditionally ocean shipped goods. US ocean ports have become bottlenecked post Covid.

Although the root of the problem is ocean shipping please note we ship by air only. The overflow from ocean shipping into air freight is affecting our deliveries.

The combination of a record number of containers arriving at the Port of Los Angeles — the busiest container port in the Western Hemisphere due to its proximity to Asia — and Covid-19 is slowing down imports to the U.S. Around 800 of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s 15,000 members have been out of work due to Covid, according to data from the union.

The congestion at ports has some companies forgoing maritime shipping in favor of airfreight to get popular or seasonal items on store shelves faster. Air rates are more expensive than shipping via ocean freight, but they’ve been dropping in recent months, according to online international freight marketplace Freightos.

400% increase

“While air cargo had its period of volatility in the first few months of Covid, tracking a 400% increase between February and April 2020, ocean freight has become a bottleneck in global supply chains, making air cargo a more viable option in some cases,” Freightos Chief Marketing Officer Eytan Buchman said.

Retailers pay more to fly everything from bikes to hot tubs from China as U.S. port backup delays deliveries

We are looking for options to prioritise our packages, but so is everyone else. Until the problem resolves or we find a solution please be aware there is a possibility of a 6 week delivery. We continue to guarantee delivery.

Recognizing delivery times aren’t going to always be what we would want them to be we have discounted our B12.


  1. How many 2cc doses are in one 10ml vial ?

    1. Replied by email. Thanks for asking.

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