Vitamin B12 Injection Prices in the USA

Back in 2016 we wrote an article discussing injection B12 prices in the United States – Vitamin B12 Injection Price Increases – Why? Today, almost 4 years later, not much has changed…

In 2016 we checked seven mainstream pharmacies and found B12 prices ranging from $80 to $159 for 10ml of 1000mcg cyanocobalamin. These were the cash prices for uninsured customers and did not include any dispensing fees or taxes. Compare these to our price, then $9.75. For US residents the difference is obviously alarming.

Injection B12 Prices In 2020

We thought it was about time to call those same pharmacies in 2020 to see if things have changed for our American B12 consumers. Unfortunately the situation is still pretty dire. The best price we found was $51 for 10ml of 1000mcg B12, and the highest was $270! In all cases we asked for bulk prices, vials vs single ml ampoules, cyanocobalamin or anything else to get their lowest price. Compare this to our best price which is $7.88 for 10 x 1000mcg injections. (Our best value is the 2000mcg B12 Injection in a 10ml vial.) Our B12 is about 1/4 the cost even after shipping has been added. We haven’t done the math on the more expensive pharmacies, but imagine the cost for a regular customer who did not shop around?

Our advantage is internationally sourced vitamins which have not been priced for the American health system. Almost any country in the world can provide lower priced B12. America’s neighbour to the north has the same 10ml of B12 for $9. If you live in the US and are not angry you certainly should be, …or you must be well insured!

What Can I Do?

In our 2016 article we ended with some suggestions about supporting price drops with better education or trying to increase availability of B12. It now seems clear any solution at this point has to be political. The private market has had four years to address these sky high prices. If you want change we suggest talking to your representatives and asking how they plan to make vitamins like B12 more affordable…or better yet what they have they been doing until now.


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