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Free Shipping Social – Write a Review!

We have added a new way for our existing customers to qualify for our Free Shipping Social promotion – write a review! Reviews are great because they help visitors decide on buying and they give us feedback on how we are doing. If you are a returning customer and write a review we will give you free shipping on your next order of $40 or more.

How to Get Free Shipping

  1. Be a returning customer
  2. Go to the webpage of a product you have purchased from us
  3. Leave a review using the same email address you used when last ordered (click on ‘reviews’, email addresses are not published)
  4. Add any items you would like to purchase to your shopping cart
  5. In checkout look for the “You supported us in social media…Thank You!” message
  6. Choose ‘free-shipping-social’ or one of the other gifts

Here are some of our products to get you started…scroll to the bottom of the page:  review 1000mcg B12, review 2000mcg B12, review B Complex

How Else Can I Get Free Shipping?

You can still get free shipping by using the social sharing buttons during checkout on orders of $40 or more.  Just before you enter your address look for the box titled “Looking for FREE SHIPPING?” – All you need to do is Like, Plus+, or Follow our website.  It’s easy.

No Free Shipping?

If you should quality for free shipping but it doesn’t seem to be working please let us know. If you place your order we can fix it after the fact with a partial refund. Send us an email with the details.

If you aren’t a social media user, we understand.  Our shipping is very reasonable – $10 flat rate, world wide. 


  1. I wrote a review earlier tonight, They added 2 separate orders, and didn’t charge me shipping. I thought it was great service for them to combine my orders, but then to not charge me shipping when I didn’t ask, that’s great and going above and beyond.
    This was my first order with them, I was happy that their site offered options for people that don’t have insurance & to help me save even more money. I am trying to repair what Doctor’s have done, they prescribed me medication for diabetes when I didn’t need it, but the side effects are costly to repair, this site has helped me to start reversing those without money that I don’t have. I would recommend this site, there service is great, I am sure they care about there users
    Jim Lentini

  2. I’m so happy that I found a site to get a direct site to get B12 injections sent to me.

    Thanks B12direct.. 🤗

  3. Great product.
    I have enlarged Red Blood Cells. Have know about it for years but now it seems to be affecting my energy level. Starting about midday my energy just tanks and I fall asleep. It’s hard to shake myself out of it. When I was diagnosed with the problem the medical people didn’t know much about so they offered no insights. Over the years it has been associated with a B-12 deficiency and certain types of anemia. B-12 injections helps to boost my energy although not as much as I would like. It’s better than what I’ve been experiencing.

  4. You can keep following the links until you go crazy. There is no free shipping for ordering more as each link returns you to another circular link. Come on guys, make your links a bit easier. I’m ordering less at a time as I save ZILCH ordering any more.

    1. Sorry the free shipping is not more clear. At the top of the checkout page (where you enter your address) is a blue box surrounded by a dotted line with a title “looking for free shipping” OR “thanks for supporting us”.

      If it says “thanks for supporting us” you have unlocked and can choose free shipping or a free vial of b12.

      If it says “looking for free shipping” you have not unlocked it yet. As a returning customer you can leave a review on the product page of something you ordered last time.

      Note: your current order does not meet the minimum $45 dollar value. For the 2000mcg that would be 3 vials.

      Details about the promotion at the following link. You can also call me if you are having trouble – 1.323.283.8637.

  5. Wow what great prices and service.They have 2000MCG twice as much for half the dosage. YOu must give this company a try

  6. Love the prices. Love the product. Fast shipping. Excellent customer service. Nothing but positive feedback from me. I was very happy and will continue ordering from y’all.

  7. Returning customer happy to get my B-12 came as promised and in a reasonable time frame. Thank You!

    1. Thanks Cliff! PS. If you leave the review on a product you have purchased in the past the credit will be applied automatically at checkout.

  8. I am a returning customer and was told free shipping but my card was charged 10.00 shipping anyway!

    1. Sorry that happened Vincent. I have emailed you directly. Here are the promotion details.

    2. I am a returning customer would like to say this company is very good in customer relations, plus ease in getting your order from them.

  9. I received my B-12 in a short time and have used it regularly (each week). Great product and worth the price.

  10. I ordered some B12 recently and instead of the 2-4 weeks it was here in about 10 days! Fixing to place another order!

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