UK Petition To Make Vitamin B12 OTC

If this petition is successful our business would be a lot harder, but getting vitamin B12 would be a lot easier in the United Kingdom.

Tracey Witty has drafted a letter petitioning CEO MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) Ian Hudson to:

Please make our life saving injectable vitamin B12 (hydroxocobalamin) available over the counter.

Your signature on this petition will help us fight for our right to health. UK sufferers of B12 deficiency and PA are routinely restricted or denied access to the life saving 55p vitamin B12 injections they desperately need.

The majority of UK patients suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency and auto immune pernicious anaemia (PA), are restricted to a ‘maintenance dose’ of just four B12 (hydroxocobalamin) injections per year. This is tragically under treating a serious and very common deficiency – and this is only if patients are fortunate enough to achieve a diagnosis.

B12 deficiency affects both sexes and all ages, but the general misconception is that it only affects women over 60. Many of us inherit this condition and in turn, so do our children.  

Hundreds of thousands of UK citizens are B12 deficient, there are many symptoms, many causes and it is commonly misdiagnosed. Vitamin B12 has no known toxicity, in fact it is used in huge quantities as a treatment for cyanide poisoning. You cannot overdose on B12 injections.  

When last checked the petition had over 4000 signatures so is getting a lot of attention. If you are a UK resident that is interested in this petition you can find out more here:

Petition to ask you to remove the Prescription Only Medicine (POM) classification from injectable Vitamin B12


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