HuffPost: 8 Surprising Reasons You Have No Energy

Amanda Shupack has compiled a list of reasons you could have lower energy than you should.  The list isn’t exhaustive or in depth, but B12 makes an appearance at #4.  I am sure some of our clients are wondering about her research, but it is HuffPost

It’s sometimes easy to pinpoint why you’re flagging by the afternoon — that weekend of partying, for instance — but sometimes the causes are more complicated.

4. You’re low in vitamin B.
You need B vitamins for your mitochondria to turn glucose into energy. We can absorb B vitamins well in liquid or pill form, but 99 percent of us don’t get enough from our diets. Try taking a vitamin in the morning and evening. This will keep levels stable and get you energized, and there’s no harm in it since you’ll excrete any excess water-soluble vitamins.

If you’re having symptoms of low energy, check your vitamin B12 and D levels, and, in any case, have them checked annually. If you find you have the rare case of not absorbing them well into your intestine and stomach, you can get a B12 injection yearly.

[image courtesy Jacob Bøtter, cc]

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