Injectable B12, 1000mcg

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Injectable Vitamin B12 in 10ml vials. Cyanocobalamin concentration 1000mcg per ml packaged in convenient multi-use vials. As little as .97 per B12 injection!

2 vials – minimum order, no handling fee
6 vials – can qualify for Free Shipping Social*
10 vials – most popular, 10th vial is free


Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin for intramuscular injection. Concentration of 1000mcg injectable B12 per ml packaged in 10ml multi-use vials. Total B12 per vial is 10000mcg.

Each ml contains:

  • cyanocobalamin 1000mcg (vitamin B12)

2 vials – minimum order, no handling fee
6 vials – can qualify for Free Shipping Social*
10 vials – most popular, 10th vial is free

Quality: B12 Direct works only with country of origin government licensed suppliers. We have independently tested our injectable vitamin B12 for quality and safety at Mérieux NutriSciences (Vancouver Canada). Packaging may differ from our website depending on supplier, but we certify that the contents of our B12 is standard and true to description.

General Injectable B12 Cyanocobalamin Information

Visit our Vitamin B12 Injectable Information page. For information on the clinical pharmacology of injectable vitamin B12 cyanocobalamin including contraindications and precautions visit the US National Library of Medicine – DailyMed Cyanocobalamin.


Additional information

Package Sizes

10ml / vial




Independently tested at Mérieux NutriSciences (Vancouver Canada)



Product Appearance

Clear red sterile solution


benzyl alcohol

Shelf Life

3 Years

Storage Instructions

Store below 30C. Expiration date printed on package.


TP Drug Laboratories

249 reviews for Injectable B12, 1000mcg

  1. Lorie (verified owner)

    Great product! My husband and I will so much better taking B-12.

  2. Jacqueline Enriquez (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service.
    Very quick replies on your concerns.
    Been ordering from them for years. It’s my to go B12 shop.

  3. memories01 (verified owner)

    I have ordered my B12 several times from vitaminB12direct. My health insurance only authorizes 2 doses/month. I’ve been taking b12 due to surgery I had n 1976, which disrupted my body’s ability to adsorb b12. When I started getting neuropathy my insurance would not increase my b12 dosing. I read up on neuropathy and discovered high does b12 has been successful in treating neuropathy. Thanks to vitaminB12direct I have been able to use high dose B12 therapy, with my primary care physician’s oversight, and my neuropathy has improved by at least 80%! Their product is equivlent to what I get from the pharmacy, and the b12 levels my doctor orders has shown that my B12 levels have increased considerably, meaning the VitaminB12direct product is working as it should. And you can’t beat the price! Thank You VitaminB12Direct.

  4. Manny (verified owner)

    great products and fast shipping.

  5. James Dixon (verified owner)

    Fast shipping good product

  6. Greg Lay (verified owner)

    Great product always arrives as promised.

  7. Sheri Smith (verified owner)


  8. Leah Berokoff (verified owner)

    Expect a few weeks shipping. This is legit B12 used for B12 deficiency.

  9. James Roy Pence (verified owner)

    love this company and I hope it is around for many years

  10. Mary Beth (verified owner)

    Have been using vitaminB12direct for many years. Having Crohn’s disease makes absorbing vitamins normally difficult. I do these shots once a week and notice a difference if I allow myself to run out. Great Pricing and Products !!

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