Vitamin B12 Injection, 2000mcg

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Vitamin B12 for injection, 2000mcg Cyanocobalamin. Concentration 2000mcg/ml in 10ml multi-use vials. 

1 vial – great as a sample
4 vials – can qualify for Free Shipping Social*
10 vials – most popular, every 10th vial is free

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Vitamin B12 Injection Cyanocobalamin, 2000mcg concentration. Packaged in 10ml vials and sold individually or in packages of 5,10 or 20 vials.

1 vial – great as a sample
4 vials – can qualify for Free Shipping Social*
10 vials – most popular, every 10th vial is free

Each ml of vitamin B12 contains:

  • cyanocobalamin 2000mcg (vitamin B12)

Note: Our 2000mcg vitamin B12 is twice as concentrated as our vitamin b12 1000mcg. Use half as much by volume for the same dose.

Further general information on the clinical pharmacology of cyanocobalamin vitamin B12 for intramuscular injection including contraindications and precautions

Quality: B12 Direct works only with country of origin government licensed suppliers and have independently tested our vitamin B12 for quality and safety at Mérieux NutriSciences (Vancouver Canada).


Additional information


10ml per vial






Tested for quality and safety at Mérieux NutriSciences (Vancouver Canada)

Product Appearance

Clear red sterile solution for injection


benzyl alcohol

Storage Instructions

Store below 25C.

Shelf Life

2 years


TP Drug Laboratories

317 reviews for Vitamin B12 Injection, 2000mcg

  1. Claire (verified owner)

    Best price for B12 injections I have found. I appreciate the higher concentration so I can inject a smaller volume. Neurological issues improving. Good customer service. Thank you.

  2. Alyce

    I am a repeat customer of vitaminB12direct because their product is of equal quality to B12 I have bought from US pharmacies. Using this B12 product has helped increase my energy which was depleted due to being older and lacking intrinsic factor needed for gastric absorption of B12. Thank you vitaminB12direct.

  3. Linda Hunt (verified owner)

    Works Wonderful, such a nice price. Thanks Linda

  4. Alicerutt (verified owner)

    I have been a customer of this company for years now. I’ve never had a problem with the vitamins or communicating with the company. I would highly recommend VitaminB12Direct website.

  5. Liana Smith (verified owner)

    I have purchased B12 and B-100 Complex from since 2019 and have been completely satisfied with the quality and the customer serice I’ve received. They answer any question you have promptly by email or phone! From a very happy customer.

  6. heather.archard6733 (verified owner)

    Great company, great service, great product!!!

  7. heather.archard6733 (verified owner)

    I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I am ordering from VitaminB12direct. Last time I ordered 10 bottles so it took a while to go through them. I have had nothing but GREAT service from this company. The product works wonderfully as it should and I am grateful that VitaminB12direct exists! Thank you!!!

  8. SC (verified owner)

    Great product. I prefer the B12 2000mcg. I have ordered from this site for years and always get great service.
    I wish they made a B complex that didn’t sting, I know it’s the preservative but I don’t like the sting.

  9. Lillian Young (verified owner)

    I have been ordering for a few years from you and I am very pleased with my product, and your respond to me when I have a question or comment, Thank you

  10. Robert (verified owner)

    Hello, I’ve use this product again and again. Always fast and convenient delivery times high-quality in their product and will continue to use thank you so much

  11. Deborah Lavalette (verified owner)

    Awesome company! B12 is not covered in TN by my insurance. I have neurological issues that require weekly b12 shots. Something I can not afford. I usually order a years worth…
    Have recommended to many people. Love it !!!

  12. William (verified owner)

    Your products are absolutely wonderful. The high potency is obvious, and your pricing on the 2000mcg B12 means I et double the dose at just 10-15% more in cost. A wonderful savings and a great way to affordably double my dosage.

  13. mumbojim01 (verified owner)

    The 5 stars are earned and I have been injecting health vitamins since 2014. I use them for weight loss, to make sure my body is healthy, even if I eat less, or to improve my absorption. These are not fake, clean, and beneficial.

  14. Andrew

    Best I’ve used and happens to also be best price!

  15. Herb Schley (verified owner)

    This is an awesome product. Excellent service from Vitamin B12direct.

  16. Robert (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service. Excellent product. I would recommend to anybody.

  17. angela (verified owner)

    I’ve been ordering from this company for many years and their products give me life, literally!! Try them out!!

  18. howardwallin (verified owner)

    Vitamin B-12 Direct is miraculous! Excellent products for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere and outstanding customer service. What else could you ask for?

  19. Dwayne (verified owner)

    I like this company, I have been using the 2000 for quite a while. It cuts down on the amount and frequency I need to take it. Also the customer service is great. I usually get my order in half the time it says I will. and no I’m not a bot

  20. Bobby Egidi (verified owner)

    I have purchased B12 from other places. This is by far the best and cheapest

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