How do I contact US Postal Service by phone?

If the online tracking does not provide the answers you need you may be able to learn more by phoning USPS. Be prepared for a long wait on hold.

The phone number for USPS: 1-800-275-8777

We find the best option to choose in the main voice menu is the 4th option, “carrier”. From this option you can provide your tracking number and speak to an agent. You may have to listen to long answers and say “agent” even when this is not suggested as an option.

Some tips:

  • the first menu item “package” only provides access to tracking information and not access to a live postal agent
  • say “agent” (repeatedly) when asked for a piece of information, even when this is not what the voice system wants, can sometimes get you through to a postal agent
  • say “main menu” to return to the main menu if you get lost

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